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Air China and Zhuhai airport to be to promote the development of Zhuhai freight market
Time:2014-09-24 15:31:40
Civil Aviation Resource Network May 28, 2012 news: as the air freight giants have increased the pace of entering the air cargo market, making the competition of China's air cargo market is becoming increasingly fierce. Throughout the air freight market in China, whether it is from the airline or airport,, or freight forwarder's point of view, air freight market is showing a new competition pattern, and this pattern, can only cooperation, win-win.
China international Uni Airways Corporation (Air China Limited, referred to as the "air") base in Southern China Zhuhai sales department is clearly recognized the pattern, in the Zhuhai air cargo market carefully study and research, firmly believe that: to make the air to get more income in Zhuhai air cargo market and long-term development, we must pay attention to and concern with Zhuhai's International Airport (referred to as "Zhuhai airport") and the freight agent and cooperative relations, as the most reliable cooperation partner of Air China, Air China cargo to jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development in the Zhuhai air cargo market.
Based on the perspective of a, Air China Air Cargo Service
The airlines, airport and cargo agent three win-win goal, is not to move or retreat of the air freight. Although the Air China in Zhuhai this field only three daily flights, but air freight plate is facing many problems that need to be coordinated and solve, outstanding performance in the following two aspects: one is the Zhuhai local aviation goods less, the majority of goods from around Zhuhai City, including 70% from Guangzhou, the freight forwarder ground transportation the cost increase to a certain extent. And Zhuhai departing flights less, no flights can be added after the pull goods, the freight forwarder in interest, reputation will have a greater impact, how do we improve the flight load ratio, and avoid or reduce the load pull, so that agents relieved from Guangzhou organize the source of goods, is a big problem we face is near; two 15% of the goods for the fresh goods, and in order to guarantee the survival rate of fresh goods, fresh goods can not arrive at the airport one hour prior to delivery, the Air China, air freight station security work caused great pressure.
How to face two major problems under the condition of high efficiency, safety, integration of all nodes work freight transportation service chain, has become the air constantly need coordination and overcome the difficulties.
In sourcing organization: for Air China flight load prompted each maximization, we take from the air system: read second days of executive flight model maximum takeoff, no oil, landing weight data a day earlier, according to the Zhuhai weather forecast off oil, then from the ETERM query to the number of passengers to estimate, baggage and passenger weight, and then integrated the above data, calculate the load, volume of the flight, according to the loading principle, and then urged coordination agent, organize the source of goods. In order to ensure the accuracy of the data, the implementation will further confirm the passenger flights that day the actual number and other information, immediately adjust the available load information according to the change of extra load, such as the case of aircraft refueling quantity reduction, will immediately coordinate with other agents to organize the source of goods to fill the tank.
Cargo stowage: as a result of the country boat is used in center stowage mode, so in tons of control finished goods warehouse receipt, a single to the loading room, and loading personnel jointly supervise Beijing load center, issued by the machine as soon as possible.
In the aspect of coordination agent relationship: in order to increase the space utilization rate, we will actively coordinate the relationship between the two agents, with flights package volume operation, taking Guangzhou clothing, express and local seafood combination to achieve space optimization using, to the "first seafood in general cargo, repair after the first agreement" the principle of slot allocation.