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Chinese to look at the small airport utility from the social and economic development
Time:2014-09-24 15:30:26
According to Xinhua news agency, 2012 China Civil Aviation Development Forum held recently in beijing. China civil aviation Secretary Li Jiaxiang said in a press interview, some people pay more attention to the domestic small and medium-sized airport deficit problem, question of small and medium-sized airport Is it right? Built more, this shows that the social function and the strategic position of civil aviation industry, in the understanding and recognition still exist some deviation.
Li Jiaxiang pointed out that, in the world, to realize the small and medium-sized airports and airlines economic benefits is a common problem, even in developed countries also is such. By the end of 2011, a total of certification Chinese transport airport 180, total profit of 5300000000 yuan. In 180 airports, the loss of the airport 135, among them, the small and medium-sized airports accounted for 87%, a total of 119, the total loss of about 2000000000 yuan.
Li Jiaxiang said, small and medium-sized airport in the prefecture level city, its service covering more than 70% of the county, the direct contribution to the regional economy in the trillions, must not be a simple from the economic consideration of small airport construction investment, operating losses and other issues, but also from the local economic and social development angle comprehensive utility a comprehensive look at a small airport the.
Asked about like Jinghusui these Mega City Airport "enough", and a number of small and medium-sized city airport and "eat", the Civil Aviation Department has what to consider, in the airport strategic positioning Li Jiaxiang said, at present, Chinese aviation industry still exist many structural problems, from the airport development, have not formed interaction the development pattern of division of labor between large international gateway hub, a regional hub, trunk and feeder. One of the reasons, both the influence of external policy environment factors, but also the industry's own development aspect reason, more is reflected in the civil aviation industry, the problem of economic and social development Chinese structure etc..
Li Jiaxiang said, these years, local governments to increase flights to fly to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou opened the busy airport such as route, very strong desire. The main busy airports have full load operation, especially the three major airport peak period of takeoff and landing time fully saturated, it is difficult to fully meet the needs of all parties.
In addition, many China small airport in the city, especially the underdeveloped economy and "poor" area of the airport, passenger and freight traffic of small, less open line, in turn make the air transport can not meet the need of social and economic development area. Small and medium-sized airport benefit difference, its development difficulties, also affect the local government investment enthusiasm.
Li Jiaxiang said, to construct the network structure of hub, is crucial to the development of small and medium sized airports. China currently mainly point-to-point route structure, small airport passenger and cargo resources limited, scattered in different routes, plus flight frequency is too low, the local aviation market it is difficult to develop and cultivate. If the establishment of structure of hub network route, passengers and cargo through regional hub airport, can expand to the small and medium-sized airport route radiation surrounding.
Asked about the civil aviation sector will be how to speed up the construction to the airport as the center of modern comprehensive transportation system, Li Jiaxiang said, unlike traffic ground transportation, airport construction site with special requirements, creating a comprehensive transportation hub in the airport as the core, is the inevitable request of the construction of modern comprehensive transportation system and development trend.
Li Jiaxiang pointed out that, at present, from the national overall airport, airport and other transportation way widely exist mutual cohesion is not strong, leading to the airport services and radiation section with wide enough, affected the whole function of the airport to play, more restricted the development of airport economy around the airport, but also one of the reasons for the slow growth of some airport passenger and cargo the.
Li Jiaxiang said, should strive to make the airport into the high-speed railway and freeway network, realize the organic link between different modes of transport, convenient passenger transfer. In the airport terminal in a variety of modes of transportation planning and construction in one, three-dimensional zero transfer mode.