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International logistics industry usher in development opportunities
Time:2014-09-24 15:28:04
News: "the Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, China's international freight forwarding logistics industry must change way, improve the quality at the same time, above scale enterprises realized a turnover of an average annual growth of around 12%.
The Ministry of Commerce recently issued "on accelerating the international freight logistics industry the healthy development of guidance" clearly, through M & A, provincial choose strong, to build large-scale international logistics enterprises a number of prominent main business, advanced mode of operation, the overseas network sound, with strong competitiveness. Foster a batch of perfect function, complete facilities, resource integration capability of large and medium-sized logistics business strong. Promote the formation of a brand effect is outstanding, clear business advantage of small and medium-sized professional freight forwarding business team. The basic form of logistics market structure is reasonable, format diversity, quality service, competitive and orderly international.
International logistics industry is an important part of modern logistics industry, productive service industry and service trade in China, involving many links, long industrial chain, industry are large in scale, has played a positive role in the service of foreign trade and economic cooperation, attract foreign investment, the expansion of employment, the development of modern logistics industry etc.. "Opinions" put forward, to improve the management system, to lead the industry to "transfer mode, promoting transformation". To optimize the market environment, pay attention to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, focus on professional services, personnel training, and alleviate the burden on working. To encourage enterprises to "go out", guide enterprises to integrate resources, to build the flagship, participate in international competition. To business model innovation, develop new markets, improve the industry profit margins and market competitiveness. To upgrade the industry level of information industry development, tamp foundation, improve the industry norms and industry statistics system, advance the credit system construction industry. To strengthen the industry organization construction, give full play to all the freight forwarding industry organization service, coordination, self-discipline.
At the same time stressed, the commerce department as the international logistics industry, to strengthen the organization and leadership, enrich the work force, innovation ideas. To implement talent strategy, improve the working mechanism of industry, explore the establishment of key enterprises contact system. Want to strengthen the theoretical research, to explore the ideas and practice of the combination of industry, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the global logistics organization, learning multinational logistics business management concept and management experience.