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The formation of Chongqing water empty iron stereo port opening system
Time:2014-09-24 15:26:55
Chongqing is actively declare construction vehicle port, port, the plant seedlings log port designated port, further enrich the port of import and export commodities, bigger and stronger port economy. With the advance of Chongqing port construction, water, air, iron omnibearing port opening system has been formed, is an inland 12 provinces also have only aviation, waterway, railway 3 port form of the city. Up to now, Chongqing has 14 port area, the Jiangbei International Airport
Air port, Cuntan port port, the unity of the village is a kind of port railway port. Data shows, at present, the throughput capability of water transportation in Chongqing port has formed 3000000 containers; railway port, have been completed and the 1 wire harness 2 railway loading and unloading line, can realize annual handling volume of 480000 standard container; air port has been opened, covering the Americas, Europe, 24 international passenger flights to Australia, Asia and 19 international cargo routes.