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Donation proposal
Time:2014-09-24 15:25:11
The company all staff:
"A difficult one, help comes from all quarters" is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation; help each other support, trouble is my company all staff the most beautiful emotion and moral sentiment.
It is the unforeseen that always happens. He was rushed to hospital in our company financial department Tang Juexia lover of cerebral hemorrhage, brain tumors are diagnosed in September 20th, and carries on the operation, operation cost of up to about one hundred thousand, follow-up and many other expenses. Except during the operation period and observation, need to stay in hospital care Tang Juexia, behind Tang Juexia also need to work while taking care of the family. Suddenly Tang Juexia family pressure surge. Stone built the Great Wall, trickle product into the sea. Everyone firewood high flame, we support the solution of difficulties. Under these circumstances, some employees have the proposal to the company by the company led the call for employees to donate, as the saying goes, give person rose, the hand there are lingering fragrance; the dedication of love, the harvest of hope. A love you, will change their destiny; a kindness you, will be more for the joy of mind.
In order to express our love, the company decided by the Ministry of personnel, administration and Corporate Communications Department organize the activities, contribute a strength for our company's employees. We also hope the majority of colleagues, employees actively involved in this activity, let us act, stretched out his hands, loosen one's purse strings generously, dedication of love, as far as possible to help Tang Juexia one family out of the haze. The company sincerely to the donor's colleagues expressed sincere gratitude!
Donation form: Shanghai the work of the Department, the company set up donation boxes in the 14 floor front, by Xu Min supervision. Donations of time: 9:00~18:30. Branch of the work, the first donation to the branch general manager (Manager) local accounts, then a unified account remit to Shanghai.
(I hope Branch General Manager (Manager) is responsible earnestly, contribute to a love donations during September 29, 2011): is tentatively scheduled for Thursday to Friday October 21st) difficult families in need of your love, the harmonious society needs your support. Please stretch out your hand of friendship, give your love love! As long as everyone give a little love, the world will become a better human!