Position name

Network editor

Job description

1, responsible for website information gathering, editing, proofreading work;

2, complete the information content planning and daily update and maintenance;

3, write a website to publicize information and related product information;

4, collection, research and treatment network reader comments and feedbackinformation;

5, with the network planning network promotion activities, and participate in the implementation;

6, assist the channel management and the section of the development planning, promote the well-known Web site;

7, strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments within and outside the organization.

Job description

1, college degree or above, one year above network editor or maintenance experience;

2, able to skillfully use computer and the Internet work, familiar with the HTML language, and skilled use of Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, DreamWeaver and other tools;

3, have a strong sense of responsibility, initiative and team spirit;

4, a plastic industry or the beauty industry related work experience, or network promotion work experience is preferred;