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Grand Ocean Shipping Ltd. was established in March, 20013 is a subsidiary company of the Worldwide Group;it is mainly operating in warehousing, distribution,containers,and third party logistics services. The company staited investing in 20013 to build up warehouse project; The project is divided into three phases,covering an area of more than 660000 squares meters.The 1st n 2nd phases were completed and put into operayion in early 2003;The 3rd was completed in early 2012.
Phase 1 : 3,000 squares meters temperature control, temperature is early controlled at 10to15degrees Celsius,the storage rooms can be different according to different customer needs to do temperature control;in addition,there is a1,500 square common warehouse working as ground,and also can be Costomer sub-packing area.
Phase 2 : 10,000 square general warehouse, accompanied by top shelf storage containers or pallets of goods,with laneway cranes and other machinery for operation.besides anther 55,000 square space available for handing and stockpiling.
Phase3:The new 16,000 single floor warehouse is up to13 meters hing,with more than5t/m ground bearing pressure,equipped with 4 eletrically adjustable lift platforms;besides anther 8,000 square space available for handing and stockpiling.
Ever-safe logistics Co Ltd.has got professional managerment crew,experienced operating staff,and localized rear services to support.Moreover,advanced logistical equipments and satisfying services.With the increasing importance of shanghai’s Airport and Seaport I international logistics field, Ever-safe’s storage,third party logistics and Cargo Handling services is growing rapidly and enriched the list of our clients,including infamous international production companies,and Trading companies.Freight proxy companies and other logistics providers are favoring privileged geographic location and equipments,and all these companies have became our great partners.
Advanced locations:
1.15km to East Sea Bridge
2.40km to Yangshan sea port;
3.20km to Pudong international Airport
4.30km to Pudong International Airport;
5.30KM from Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone & port area;
6.5KM from Ping An railway station.