Marine transportation

Project logistics is in charged by Go shipping Special Cargo Department, which takes the current development priorities within the group. Project logistics is including transport of large projects at home and contracted projects for export. Business processes involve multi-modal transport, chartering, packing, warehousing, port transshipping, customs clearing, inspection declaration, insurance and consultancy.
Through all these years experience, our quality services were highly praised by our customers. Our advanced facilities, sound network, senior specialist team and strict handling standards enable us to provide comprehensive, professional and customized solutions to our customers, to provide complete logistics plan and spot handling services for any complex project.
Our services are including:
1.Capabilities to handle over-size and heavy-lift cargo;
2.Inland transport route design, examining transportation limitations like road width, tunnel height, river depth, bridge strength, analyzing traffic situations along the route, considering weather factors, to ensure safety and smoothness;
3.Examine possible law issues and clearing problems;
4.Set handling standards according to installation specifications;
5.Information tracking along the route;
6.Emergency plans.